Fitbit app for Windows 10

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  • How do I listen to music and podcasts on my Fitbit watch?
    Download your favorite playlists to your watch and listen to your tracks without needing your phone.
  • What should I know about Fitbit Pay?
    Use your credit and debit cards on your watch to make contactless payments.
  • About the Fitbit app
    Learn about the Fitbit app.
  • Which phones and tablets can I use with my Fitbit watch or tracker?
    Learn which phones and tablets are compatible with Fitbit watches and trackers.
  • How do I use MobileTrack?
    Track basic activity through your phone without a Fitbit tracker.
  • Is the Fitbit app interfering with other Bluetooth devices?
    Your Fitbit device may have difficulty syncing with your phone if it is managing multiple Bluetooth connections.
  • How do I change the units of measurement on my Fitbit device?
    Adjust the units used for various measurements and adjust notification settings.
  • Can I see real-time data in the Fitbit app?
    Learn how to see live stats on your Fitbit dashboard.
  • How do I listen to Pandora stations on my Fitbit watch?
    Download your most-played Pandora stations or popular curated Workout stations directly to your watch.
  • How do I listen to Deezer playlists on my Fitbit watch?
    Download Deezer playlists and Flow directly to your watch.