How do I update my tracker using a computer?

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Free feature enhancements and product improvements are occasionally made available via updates. You can review a history of all major updates at What has changed in the latest tracker update?

Update your tracker using the Fitbit Connect software on your computer or the Fitbit app on your mobile device. This article explains how to update using Fitbit Connect; for mobile instructions, see:

Updating your Fitbit tracker can take several minutes and is demanding on its battery. While performing an update we recommend keeping your tracker plugged into its charging cable.

To update your tracker follow these steps:

  1. If your tracker isn't charging, make sure that it's still nearby and that your wireless sync dongle is plugged into the computer.
  2. Verify that you're using the right version of Fitbit Connect:
    1. Click the Fitbit Connect icon and choose Open Main Menu..
    2. Click Troubleshooting. If you have a Mac, you should see "Fitbit Connect" If you have a Windows machine, you should see "Fitbit Connect" However, if you have a Mac running OSX 10.5, you need "Fitbit Connect" If you have a Windows machine running XP, you need "Fitbit Connect"
  3. Click the Fitbit Connect icon in your system tray or menu bar and click Main Menu. For best results, keep Fitbit Connect running in the foreground while your tracker updates. (In other words, don't minimize it or hide it behind other windows.) If you cannot find the Fitbit Connect icon on your computer:
    1. On a Mac OS machine, enter "Fitbit Connect" into the Spotlight search box. On a Windows machine: enter "Fitbit Connect" into the Start menu search box.
    2. If a search on your computer does not bring up Fitbit Connect, you may need to reinstall it from
  4. From the Main Menu, choose the Check for device update option.
  5. Log into using your account email address and password. Fitbit Connect will perform a sync and then look for an update for your tracker.
  6. If an update is available, Fitbit Connect will display a progress bar until the update is finished. If your tracker has a screen, you'll also see a progress bar there. Keep your tracker close to the computer. When the update completes, a confirmation screen appears. Your tracker will now restart, and you can continue using it with the latest update applied.
  7. If the update fails to complete, try restarting your tracker using the instructions in How do I restart my tracker? and then trying the update again.
  8. If the update still doesn't complete, try updating using a mobile device.
If an update fails to complete on your Flex, see What do the light patterns mean on my Flex?


Last updated: March 16, 2015
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