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  • What is my cardio fitness score?
    Learn how your overall fitness compares to your peers.
  • How do I track my activity with my Fitbit device?
    Learn all the ways you can automatically track your activity with Fitbit.
  • What are Active Zone Minutes or active minutes on my Fitbit device?
    Learn more about Active Zone Minutes and active minutes and how they're calculated.
  • What's my Fitbit hourly activity goal?
    Keep moving during the day with an hourly activity goal and reminders to move.
  • How do I track my workouts with my Fitbit device?
    Track your workouts in real time with the Exercise app to capture in-depth activity stats.
  • How do I use GPS on my Fitbit device?
    Learn how to track your route, pace, distance, and more with GPS on your Fitbit device.
  • How do I add, edit, or delete Fitbit data and activities?
    Learn how to add, edit, and delete information such as steps, floors, profile data, and weight logs.
  • How do I track my health and fitness goals with the Fitbit app?
    Set and track goals for daily activity, weekly exercise, weight, and more.
  • How do I track my swims with my Fitbit device?
    Learn how you can track lengths, time, distance, and pace during your swims.
  • What should I know about Fitbit challenges?
    Stay motivated by challenging yourself or your friends and family to a friendly competition.

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