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  • I can't sync my tracker
    Try these troubleshooting steps if your tracker is not syncing.
  • How do I restart my tracker?
    Troubleshoot a problematic tracker.
  • What's wrong with my Charge HR?
    If your Charge HR isn't syncing regularly or is showing the wrong time of day, follow our troubleshooting tips for this temporary problem.
  • My tracker's battery isn't charging
    If you're having difficulty charging your tracker, review these troubleshooting options.
  • My tracker isn't receiving call or text notifications from my Android device
    Try these troubleshooting steps if you're not receiving notifications.
  • The time is incorrect on my tracker's display
    Adjust the timezone and sync your tracker.
  • I'm having trouble setting up my tracker
    If you're having trouble setting up your tracker, check your Bluetooth connectivity and restart your tracker.
  • When should I factory reset my Charge or Charge HR?
    If Customer Support directs you to perform a factory reset on your Charge or Charge HR, follow these instructions.
  • I lost my Fitbit tracker
    Get tips on finding your lost tracker.
  • Why is my tracker only syncing with one mobile device?
    Disable Bluetooth so you can sync with multiple mobile devices or your computer.

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