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What's changed in the latest Fitbit device update?
Help article - July 21, 2014
Find out which feature enhancements and bug fixes are available for your device.
Which phones and tablets can I use with my Fitbit watch or tracker?
Help article - December 22, 2017
Learn which phones and tablets are compatible with Fitbit watches and trackers.
What should I know about using the Fitbit app on my Android phone?
Help article - January 29, 2018
Learn about how the Fitbit app interacts with the Android operating system.
About Fitbit Ionic
Help article - September 25, 2017
Learn what your Fitbit Ionic can do.
How do I connect with friends on Fitbit?
Help article - December 1, 2015
Learn how to connect and interact with friends.
How do I track my sleep with my Fitbit device?
Help article - July 19, 2014
Get answers to common questions about sleep tracking.
How do I track my activity with my Fitbit device?
Help article - September 28, 2015
Learn all the ways you can automatically track your activity with Fitbit.
How do I delete my Fitbit account?
Help article - July 20, 2014
06.24.2020: Removed reference to Fitbit Plus account (app has been sunset) Learn how to delete your Fitbit account.
What is female health tracking in the Fitbit app?
Help article - May 4, 2018
Get information about your menstrual cycle and trends over time in the Fitbit app.
How do I get notifications from my phone on my Fitbit device?
Help article - February 20, 2016
Receive call, text message, calendar, and other notifications on your Fitbit watch or tracker if you have a compatible phone.
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