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What's Fitbit’s return and warranty policy?
Help article - July 21, 2014
Fitbit offers a 45-day money back guarantee for all fitbit.com purchases, and your Fitbit device comes with a manufacturer's warranty.
Archive: Fitstar Terms of Use
Help article - September 28, 2017
How do I connect my Fitbit account with another app?
Help article - May 1, 2015
Learn how to share your Fitbit data with other apps.
Archive: Fitstar Privacy Policy
Help article - September 28, 2017
Can someone take over my Fitbit account?
Help article - January 6, 2016
Get detailed information if you're concerned about the security of your Fitbit account.
How do I set up the Fitbit Skill for Alexa?
Help article - March 17, 2016
Learn how to set up the Fitbit Skill for Alexa
What should I know about the Fitbit Heart Study?
Help article - May 6, 2020
Get answers to common questions about the Fitbit Heart Study
How do I connect my Fitbit watch to Wi-Fi?
Help article - September 25, 2017
Learn how to connect your Fitbit watch to your Wi-Fi network.
Why won't my Fitbit device sync?
Help article - December 1, 2015
Try these troubleshooting steps if your device is not syncing.
How do I set up my Fitbit device?
Help article - December 1, 2015
Set up and get started using your new device.
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