How do I export Fitbit data?

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You can export your Fitbit data to your computer, either as a Microsoft Excel (XLS) or comma separated value (CSV) file. CSV files can be opened by different applications, such as Excel or Google Docs. CSV files automatically open in Excel if it’s installed on your computer.

How do I export my fitness and personal data?

You can export four types of data:
  • Body—Includes weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. 
  • Foods—Includes any logged foods.
  • Activities—Includes Fitbit device data, such as steps, distance, floors, and total calories burned, as well as other data. The types of data available depend on the Fitbit device you have.
  • Sleep—Includes sleep data such as time asleep, sleep quality, and time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep, if tracked by your Fitbit device.

To export data:
  1. From your dashboard, click the gear icon (User-added image).
  2. Click Settings > Data Export.
  3. Choose the time period and type of data to export. Each export file contains up to 31 days worth of data. If you want to export more than 31 days worth of data, export each additional time period separately.
  4. Choose a file type and click Download. The file is in your Downloads folder.

How do I export my Fitbit GPS data?

You can export GPS data to a Training Center XML (TCX) file. TCX files display GPS data as activities and track heart rate, calories, and other data. You can upload TCX files to applications including Strava and Google Earth.

To export GPS data:
  1. From your dashboard, click Log > Activities, or go directly to
  2. In your Activity History, find the activity with GPS data that you want to export and click the View Details button.
  3. Click the three dots and choose Export as TCX file. The file is in your Downloads folder.
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Last updated: April 16, 2018
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