Why is my Fitbit scale recognizing me as a guest?

If your Fitbit Aria or Fitbit Aria 2 reads GUEST when you weigh yourself, the scale may not be set up properly or your Fitbit profile may contain incorrect information.

For Fitbit Aria Air, if you saved a guest's weigh-in to your Fitbit account, you can delete the weight log. For more information, see How do I add, edit, or delete Fitbit data and activities?

Aria 2 may assign your weigh-in to a guest when your measurements are similar to another user and the scale is unsure how to assign the weigh-in. When this happens, the scale shows an icon like the one below:

If the user icon shown is yours, tap the right side of the scale with your foot. If the user icon is not yours, tap the left side of the scale. If you do nothing, the weigh-in is assigned to a guest.