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The website contains product information for all Fitbit products. The dashboard, which you see after you log in, houses your account data.

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How do I sign into my account?

Do I have to pay to use the tools provided by

The Fitbit dashboard is completely free to use, even if you haven't purchased a Fitbit product.

Can I use the Fitbit dashboard if I don't own any Fitbit products?

You can use the Fitbit website without owning a Fitbit tracker or scale. In order to provide the most complete picture of your overall health, we recommend you use the tracker or scale and website together. However, you can also use the website to manually log your food or activity without using a tracker.

Why should I use the dashboard?

In order to have a properly working tracker and scale, the devices must be paired to your account. If not, the tracker's clock is incorrect and the scale cannot give a body fat reading.

By syncing your activity to the website, you can view your steps and distance over time, graph your weight changes, view your food intake versus caloric burn, see how well you are sleeping, interact with friends, earn badges for your fitness achievements, and more.

Last updated: September 26, 2017
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