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What does Charge HR track?

With Fitbit Charge HR™ you can track your heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, floors climbed, active minutes, exercise, calories burned, and how long and how well you sleep. In addition to tracking your stats, Fitbit Charge HR also features a clock and silent alarm. 

How does Charge HR track my exercise?

Fitbit Charge HR has several ways to track your exercise. You can use exercise mode to record specific workouts and get real-time stats on your wrist, the MobileRun feature of the Fitbit app to generate a GPS route of your activity, or you can rely on SmartTrack™ to automatically recognize and record select continuous movement activities. SmartTrack can come in handy if you forget to turn on exercise mode or when you’re participating in a leisure activity. For more information about exercise tracking see, How do I track my exercise and activities with Fitbit?

Can I wear my Charge HR as a watch?

In addition to tracking your fitness, Charge HR can serve as a sleek time piece. Press the button to see the time in one of four formats that you choose.

Do I have to press the button or can I tap my Charge HR?

You can double tap your tracker to see the stat of your choice. Go into your device settings and choose your tap gesture. Your choices include the clock, steps, heart rate, distance, calories, or floors. You can also tap your tracker once to cycle to the next screen.

Can I wear my Charge HR in the pool or shower?

Your Charge HR is water resistant. It is rain and splash proof and can stand up to even the sweatiest workout; however, it should be removed before swimming or showering.

How do call notifications work?

When you receive a call and your phone is within about 20 feet, your tracker vibrates and the incoming number or name (if the contact is in your address book) scrolls across the display. The notification scrolls for 10 seconds or until the call is answered. You can dismiss the notification at any time by pressing the button on your tracker. Visit to see if your mobile device is compatible with the call notifications feature. You cannot view texts or emails on your Charge HR.

What is my Charge HR made of?

The Charge HR wristband is a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches. It does not contain latex. The buckle is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. While all stainless steel contains nickel and may cause an allergic reaction in someone with nickel sensitivity, the amount of nickel in all Fitbit products meets the European Union's stringent Nickel Directive.

See our Wear and Care page for cleaning instructions and care tips.

How does Charge HR track my heart rate?

For information about heart rate and heart rate zones, see What should I know about my heart rate data?

How does Charge HR track my sleep?

The motion sensor on your Charge HR analyzes your movement patterns to determine whether you're asleep, restless, or awake. We use this data to calculate your sleep efficiency.

What is a silent alarm?

The silent alarm uses vibration to gently awake or alert you at the time specified. You can set up to eight silent alarms from a computer or from a compatible mobile device. Silent alarms can be configured to recur on multiple days of the week (for example 8:00 AM, Monday-Friday).
Last updated: November 21, 2017
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