Why won't my tracker sync to another device or computer?

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If you receive call, text, or calendar notifications on your Fitbit tracker, your tracker has a Bluetooth "bond" with the mobile device that sends the notifications. This bond prevents the tracker from syncing with another mobile device or a computer.

To quickly and temporarily disable the bond, turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device. You can turn it back on later to resume syncing.

If you no longer use notifications, remove the bond:
  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your mobile device to to see a list of associated Bluetooth devices. This list might contain only your Fitbit tracker or also include devices like wireless speakers, headsets, etc.
  2. Tap your tracker and choose "Forget This Device" or "Disconnect" (exact language will differ depending on your operating system).
You can now set up your tracker using another mobile device or computer. For instructions see How do I set up my tracker?

Last updated: March 14, 2017
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