How do I change the activity goal on my tracker?

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Get motivated by setting a daily goal and watching your progress throughout the day. When you reach your goal, your tracker will vibrate and then flash in celebration.

Choosing an activity goal

By default you have a step goal of 10,000. For instructions on changing your goal, see How do I track my fitness goals with Fitbit?

The following table shows the different goals available for each tracker. Daily goals are not available for Fitbit One™ and Fitbit Zip™ trackers.
Fitbit Blaze™
Fitbit Charge™
Fitbit Charge HR™
Fitbit Force™
Fitbit Surge™
Calories burned
Fitbit Alta™Steps
Calories burned
Active minutes
Fitbit Flex™Steps
Calories burned

Changing your goal's value

At times you may want to increase or decrease your goal, such as changing your step goal to 20,000 steps. For instructions, see How do I track my fitness goals with Fitbit?

After changing your goal, sync your tracker.

Viewing your goal progress

On Fitbit trackers with screens, you'll see a progress bar letting you know how close you are to reaching your goal.

To see your goal progress on a Flex, tap your tracker twice with your finger. One or more LED indicator lights will turn on, with each light representing 20% of your total goal. The blinking light shows the segment you're currently working on. For example, if the first two lights are solid and the third is blinking, you've reached 40% of your goal and you're on your way towards 60%.

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Last updated: May 2, 2016
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