How do I track my exercise and activities with Fitbit?

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There are several ways to ensure that your workouts or other calorie-burning activities are calculated in your daily totals and saved in your exercise history:

Multisport and exercise modes

Tell your tracker when exercise starts and stops to track precise stats for that time period and capture the details in your exercise history. Depending on the tracker you’ll see real-time stats on your wrist or a workout summary, and exercises that use GPS will include route and pace in your exercise history. For more information, see How do I use multisport or exercise mode on my tracker?


The SmartTrack feature automatically recognizes and records select exercises to ensure you get credit for your most active moments of the day.   Whenever you wear your tracker and participate in any continuous, high-movement activity of 15 minutes or more, your tracker will recognize and identify your activity and automatically record it in your exercise history. For more information including which trackers offer SmartTrack, see What should I know about SmartTrack?


Our MobileRun feature in the Fitbit app uses your phone to track a walk, run, or hike and capture GPS data. For more information, see How do I use the Fitbit app to capture GPS data? 

Manually logging an exercise

You may want to manually log an exercise for several reasons:

  • If you forgot to wear your tracker
  • To get credit for a calorie-burning activity that isn't measurable by your tracker (such as breastfeeding) or one that is difficult for some trackers to detect (such as cycling)
  • If your tracker doesn't offer SmartTrack or multisport (exercise) mode
  • If you want to replace a SmartTrack or multisport exercise with manual data to improve your totals

For more information about why and how to log exercise manually, see How do I manually log an activity or exercise?


If you have a Blaze, a few FitStar workouts are available directly on your tracker. When you finish the workout, results are saved to your exercise history. For more information, see How do I use FitStar on Blaze?

Last updated: March 14, 2017
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