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Fitbit Alta HR is the heart rate wristband that helps you reach your goals in style.

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How do I put on my Alta HR?

To make sure you're not putting Alta HR on upside down, make sure the side of the tracker marked with “fitbit” is on the inside or bottom of your wrist. 

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How do I turn on my Alta HR?

The screen on Alta HR is dimmed when not in use. It wakes up automatically when you turn your wrist towards you (known as Quick View), or you can double-tap Alta HR where the screen meets the band as shown below.

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Alta HR doesn't respond to swipes; it must be tapped.

How do I see my stats? 

For tips on finding your stats and interpreting heart rate data, see:

Can I customize the stats shown on my Alta HR?

You can add, remove, and rearrange the stats shown on your Alta HR. Additionally, if you want to see your resting heart rate or remaining battery life on your tracker, you can turn on the Resting heart rate and Battery screens. For more information about customizing the stats on your Alta HR, see How do I change the stats on my tracker?

Which stats can I see on my Fitbit dashboard?

When you sync Alta HR to your Fitbit dashboard, you can find your daily and historical stats, exercise history, sleep data, and more:

Can I change what the clock looks like? 

For instructions on how to change your clock face, see How do I change the clock face on my Fitbit device?​

Can Alta HR remind me to get up and move?

Alta HR can keep track of your stationary time during the day and remind you to move. At 10 minutes before the hour you'll feel a vibration if you haven't walked at least 250 steps. Check your dashboard to see which hours during the day you met the 250-step goal and compare your hourly activity levels over time. For more information, see What is a reminder to move?

Can Alta HR remind me to go to bed?

If you set a sleep schedule in the Fitbit app, Alta HR can remind nightly you when it's time to start winding down for bed. For more information about setting a sleep schedule, see What should I know about setting a sleep schedule?

Why doesn't Alta HR count floors climbed?

Alta HR is designed to be as sleek and slim as possible while delivering the top features users love. This form factor didn't allow space for the altimeter that's required to measure changes in elevation.

Can I see call, text, and calendar notifications?

Alta HR can alert you to incoming calls, texts, and calendar events from your nearby mobile device. If you feel a vibration while your screen is dimmed, turn your wrist towards you or double tap your tracker within one minute to see the notification. The notification is only visible on your tracker for one minute. For more information, see How do I get notifications from my mobile device?

What is a silent alarm?

A silent alarm vibrates to gently and silently awake or alert you at the time specified. You can set up to eight recurring or one-time alarms. For more information, see How do I manage silent alarms?

Why is my Alta HR vibrating?

Alta HR's vibration patterns alert you to alarms, notifications, reminders to move, and daily goal accomplishments.
Vibration PatternReason
One continuous vibrationA silent alarm is going off
Up to three vibrations with pauses in betweenYour phone is ringing (if call notifications are turned on)
One short vibrationYou received a text message or calendar event notification
Two short vibrations

You're being reminded to take more steps before the hour is up or that it's time to start winding down for bed


You met the hourly goal after being reminded.

A series of vibrationsYou met your daily activity goal

What is Alta HR made of?

The wristband that comes with Alta HR is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches. It does not contain latex. Accessory wristbands are available in genuine leather.

The frame on Alta HR is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. The buckle is made of anodized aluminum. While all stainless steel contains traces of nickel and can cause an allergic reaction in someone with nickel sensitivity, the amount of nickel in all Fitbit products meets the European Union's stringent Nickel Directive.

For our leather wristbands we selected tanneries that provide leathers widely used across the fashion accessories industry. Following a careful selection process, the leather is colored and treated to achieve a soft natural grain. The leather bands are crafted to maintain the natural look and feel of leather and hand sorted to achieve consistency in texture. You can expect the bands to become more flexible over time as they form to your wrist. Note that leather bands are not recommended for high-intensity exercise. For information on caring for your leather band, see our Wear and Care page.


Last updated: January 16, 2018
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