What should I know about wearing Flyer?

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Fitbit Flyer comes with ear tips, wings, and fins. Attach the ear tips and either wings or fins before inserting the headphones into your ears to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

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How do I choose and attach the correct ear tips?

For optimal comfort and sound quality, select an ear tip that seals the headphones with your ear canal to reduce outside noise and provides the best overall sound quality. Flyer comes with 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) of ear tips; we recommend trying all 3 options to see which size works best for you. You may want to choose a different sized ear tip for your right and left ears.

To attach an ear tip, hold the earbud in one hand and the ear tip in the other hand. Press the ear tip fully onto the stem of the earbud until it fits snugly against it. To remove an ear tip, pinch it between your fingers and pull it off.
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If the earbuds do not seal in your ears or the audio doesn't sound clear, try a different sized ear tip.

How do I choose and attach the correct wings or fins?

Flyer comes with 2 pairs of wings and 2 pairs of fins in small and large sizes to keep the earbuds secure. Attach either a fin or a wing to each earbud, depending on which conforms better to the unique shape of your ear. We recommend trying both sets of wings and fins to determine which option provides the most comfortable and secure fit.

To attach a wing or fin:
  1. Slide the bottom edge of the wing or fin into the rounded slot of the earbud.
  2. Press down on the top of the wing or fin to insert it under the metal cap. It snaps into place when inserted correctly.
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To remove a wing or fin, pinch it between your fingers and pull away from the earbud to slide it out of the rounded slot.

To see these steps in action, watch the following video (English only).


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Wings tuck behind the fold in your ear to stay in place and come in both a small and large size. Choose a wing that fits snugly without sliding out. If neither the large or small wing feels secure in your ear, fins may provide a better fit.


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Fins follow the curve of your ear, and come in both a small and large size. If the headphones don't tuck into your ears correctly, try switching the right and left fins.

How should I wear my headphones?

After you select the correct attachments, wear Flyer with the controls on the right side. We recommend wearing Flyer with the cord behind your neck. Tighten the sliding cable fastener to keep the headphones secure and prevent the cord from bouncing as you move.
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Last updated: September 26, 2018
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