Updates to Fitbit, our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service

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Our digital health and fitness services have grown, so we have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Here are some of the updates that support our new health coaching platform Fitbit Plus, which connects people with health coaches to help them achieve their goals:

  • The Terms of Service now include a Live Coaching Terms of Service that govern use of the coaching platform.
  • The Privacy Policy describes the coaching platform’s data practices. For example, in providing the platform, we collect personal data, including personal plans and health goals, to allow people to connect and communicate with coaches and meet their goals.
We also updated our Terms of Service to clarify our Terms for Paid Services, which applies to services like our digital fitness coach Fitbit Coach. For example, if you cancel an automatically renewing subscription service, like Fitbit Coach, the Terms for Paid Services specify that there are no refunds on subscription terms that you have paid for.

Please take a moment to read the full Fitbit Terms of Service, including the Live Coaching Terms of Service and Terms for Paid Services, and the Fitbit Privacy Policy. You will be agreeing to them by using Fitbit, Fitbit Plus, or Fitbit Coach on or after September 18, 2018.
Last updated: March 8, 2019
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