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We want to let you know — we’re updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We believe that transparency is the key to any healthy relationship. At Fitbit, we’re all about healthy, and we want to share some of the highlights with you.

We made three types of changes.

  • First, the updates reflect the evolution of our products and services. This includes the launch of our new Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, which offers the ability to make payments, has a new Run Detect feature that automatically maps your runs using GPS (if you’ve given us access to your location), offers extended smartphone notifications, and provides access to our new Fitbit App Gallery from which you can select apps to use on Ionic. It also includes updates based on our new premium guidance and coaching service, which debuts with Fitbit Coach and customizes your workouts and experiences based on your exercise and activity data.
  • Second, we reorganized, streamlined, clarified, and gave examples or additional detail where we thought it would be helpful. We did this to be even more clear about our practices, particularly in our Privacy Policy. We appreciate that you are trusting us with information that is important to you, and we want to be transparent about how we use it, the controls you have over your information, and the measures we take to keep it safe.
  • Third, we consolidated the terms and privacy policies of our Fitbit and Fitstar-branded services. We did this because we’re rebranding the Fitstar Personal Trainer app as our new Fitbit Coach service, and because many Fitstar users use other Fitbit products and services.

Please take a moment to read our detailed summary of the changes and the revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. By using our services — including our Fitbit and Fitstar-branded services — on or after October 30, 2017, you’ll be agreeing to the revisions, unless you accept them sooner, such as when you’re presented with them while creating an account or pairing your Fitbit device with your account. You can review the previous versions in our archives of previous privacy policies and terms of service.

Thanks for your interest in Fitbit!

Privacy Policy

Here are some of the main updates to our Privacy Policy:

  • Payment information. Now that the Fitbit Ionic will support payments and transactions with third parties, we explain how we handle payment and card information for this new feature. In particular, the feature uses a token, which is a set of random digits, rather than expose your card number, and we do not store your transaction history.
  • Location information. We updated our explanation of precise location data to reflect our new Run Detect feature, which automatically maps your run when you have granted us access to your GPS data. You can always remove our access to your GPS data using your Fitbit device or mobile device settings.
  • Notification preferences. To help you find the relevant information more easily, we combined in a single paragraph our description of the communications you may receive from us and the explanation of how you can control them using your notification preferences.
  • Third-party services. With the new Fitbit App Gallery, we clarified how you can share information between your Fitbit account and a third-party service. For example, if you choose to connect Fitbit and Strava, you authorize the sharing of your Fitbit activities on Strava, and Strava’s sharing of your runs and rides with Fitbit so that they contribute to your statistics like your calories burned and active minutes. You can always remove our access to other services, and you can use your Fitbit account settings to stop sharing your Fitbit data with third-party applications.
  • Personalization. With our new personalized guidance and coaching service, we highlighted and provided more examples of how we use your data to tailor our services to you. For instance, information like your height, weight, gender, and age allows us to personalize statistics like your calories burned and distance traveled, and your historical exercise and activity data allows us to personalize goals for you.
  • Cookies, third-party analytics and advertising services, and your privacy choices. We created a new Privacy Policy section and revised our Cookie Use statement to clarify our partnerships with analytics and advertising services, and the privacy choices you have. Our updated Cookie Use statement explains why we and our partners use cookies and similar technologies — for remembering your preferences and for authentication, security, service features, performance, analytics, research, and advertising. It also covers how you can control our own and our partners’ use of these technologies.
  • Limited circumstances when information is shared. We clarified the limited circumstances when your information may be shared — when you agree or direct us to share your information (such as when you share your accomplishments using Feed within the Community tab), when we transfer information to a trusted service provider subject to appropriate confidentiality and security measures, or when we disclose information for legal reasons or to prevent harm. If we receive legal process seeking access to your information, such as a search warrant, court order, or subpoena, our policy is to notify you unless we’re prohibited by law from doing so, as explained in our Privacy Policy.
  • Swiss-US Privacy Shield program. We’ll be participating in the Swiss-US Privacy Shield program and have combined this announcement with an updated, more streamlined explanation of our EU-US Privacy Shield certification. You can learn more about Privacy Shield here.

Terms of Service

Here are highlights from the updates to our Terms of Service:

  • Fitbit Pay Terms of Service. We added a new Fitbit Pay Terms of Service with supplemental terms specific to the use of Fitbit Pay for making payments on our new Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.
  • Posting content. New features in our Community tab, like Feed, enable people to post more types of content to our services. We added provisions to help protect our users and ensure that our community features remain a place where people can express themselves freely and safely.
  • Third-party services. We clarified that other terms and policies may apply when you use third-party services, including apps from the Fitbit App Gallery on Fitbit Ionic.
  • Safety notices. We aligned the safety instructions and notices that we provide for our products with those available on our Important Safety and Product Information page.

For more information, please read the full Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Last updated: September 28, 2017
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