What does the icon on my Aria 2 mean?

If you see an icon on Fitbit Aria 2, learn why it appeared and what it means.

For error messages, see Why isn't my Fitbit scale working? For information about user icons, see How do I set up my Fitbit device?

The table below shows the icons you might see on your scale.

Icon Meaning
Your weigh-in is complete. Step off the scale.
Your scale wasn’t done weighing you. Step back on the scale to complete your weigh-in.
Your measurements are close to those of another user and the scale is unsure who you are. If the user icon shown is yours, tap the right side of the scale with your foot. If the user icon is not yours, tap the left side of the scale.
Your scale is connecting to your Wi-Fi network.


Your scale successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network or the scale completed an update.
Your scale couldn’t connect to your Wi-Fi network or couldn’t complete an update. For more information, see Why isn't my Fitbit scale working?
Your scale is going into standby mode until you step on it.
Your scale is currently updating. Wait until the process completes before stepping on.
Your scale is calibrating while it completes your weigh-in. Wait until you see your weight before stepping off.
Your weight is unbalanced. Lean or shift your weight in the direction of the arrow.
The scale is syncing with your Fitbit account.