How do I use the adidas Train app on Ionic?

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How do I use the adidas Train app on Ionic?

The adidas Train () app on Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition provides access to exclusive adidas on-screen workouts that can help you become a better runner. Follow along with step-by-step training to guide you through every movement. When you're done with a workout, you can find your results in your exercise history. 

Note: Workouts in the adidas Train app are battery intensive; make sure your Ionic: adidas edition is charged before starting a workout.

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What workouts come with the adidas Train app?

The adidas Train app on Ionic: adidas edition provides 6 workouts designed to make you a stronger, faster runner:
  • Dynamic warm up: Prepare for your next workout with exercises designed to increase your core temperature and get your body ready to work
  • Power pace: Increase your power during runs with a workout made to train the body to be more elastic, forceful, and efficient
  • Metabolic: Increase your speed and boost your metabolism with this interval training workout that combines bursts of intense movement followed by moments of recovery
  • Run activation: Improve your foundation for all running-related movements with a quick bodyweight workout focused on hip, core, and shoulder stability
  • Strong stride: Enhance the power and efficiency behind each movement with a workout that focuses on building strength throughout your run
  • Post run stretch: Ensure proper recovery after runs and workouts with a fast and easy cool-down stretch

How do I workout with the adidas Train app on Ionic?

The adidas Train app is available on Ionic: adidas edition. For more information, see About Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition

To workout with adidas Train:
  1. On your watch, open the adidas Train app ().
  2. Choose your workout. To preview a workout, tap the menu icon () in the top right corner.
  3. When you’re ready, tap the Play icon in the bottom right corner. You’ll see a 7 second preview. To skip the preview, tap the Play icon again. Your watch vibrates to let you know when it’s time to start and stop.
  4. During the workout you can tap the Pause button in the bottom right corner. After pausing, you can skip a move or end your session.
  5. At the end of the session, you’ll see a review of your workout that includes calories burned, average heart rate, max heart rate, and workout duration.

How do I play music during an adidas Train workout?

To control music playing from your phone or listen to music stored on your watch during your workout, open a music app, select your playlist, and then return to the adidas Train app. Pair a Bluetooth audio device, such as headphones or a speaker, to your watch to listen to music. For more information, see How do I listen to music and podcasts on my Fitbit watch?
Last updated: March 8, 2019
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