How can I use my Fitbit device to sleep better?

A tracker, moon, clock, and graph with the text: Getting started with Fitbit. Use your Fitbit device to help you sleep your way to healthier habits.

Full of tips and tricks on Fitbit devices and features, this guide can help you achieve a consistent sleep cycle. Check out the steps below to get your sleep habits on track.

Get ready—Get your sleep schedule on track

Sleep, slumber, snooze—whatever you call it, sleep is a crucial part of feeling your best every day. Though everyone is different, the CDC recommends that adults get at least 7 hours of sleep each night (source). Fitbit sleep tools are here to help you get more Zzz's.

Get set—Wear your Fitbit device to bed

Your Fitbit device automatically tracks your sleep for you, including your sleep stages (Light, Deep, and REM sleep stages) or sleep patterns (time you spent awake, restless, and asleep).

Get to sleep!—Check your stats tomorrow

Before you can adjust your sleep habits, you have to figure out how much sleep you’re currently getting and whether it works for you. Check your sleep data in the morning to find patterns in your sleep habits and adjust your schedule accordingly.

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