What should I know about Fitbit Premium?

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Fitbit Premium helps you build healthy habits by offering customized features in the Fitbit app, including tailored workouts, insights into how your behavior impacts your health, and personalized plans to help you reach your goals. Pick a subscription that works for you, and start a free trial.

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What's Fitbit Premium?

Fitbit Premium is your personalized resource in the Fitbit app that includes guided programs and advanced tools to help you reach your goals. 

Learn how to improve your nutrition, try new workout regimens, and more through programs tailored to your health and fitness goals.
Receive personalized insights based on your activity, habits, and progress throughout programs.
User-added imageInvite friends to compete or work as a team in customizable challenges, such as Get Fit Bingo. Explore all Premium challenges and adventures in the Fitbit app.
Complete step-by-step workouts with Fitbit Coach, and give feedback for each exercise to personalize your workout sessions.
User-added imagePractice guided meditations to help with relaxation, sleep, body positivity, and more. Tap the Discover tab User-added image > Mindfulness to get started.

How do I purchase or start my free trial of Fitbit Premium?

Visit, or start your free trial in the Fitbit app:

  1. If Fitbit Premium is available in your region, you'll see a Premium tab in the Fitbit app. Tap the Premium tab. 
  2. Read the overview, and tap the button to get started.
  3. Choose a 1-year or monthly subscription to start after your free trial, and follow the instructions to purchase.
*Valid payment method required. Cancel before your free trial ends to avoid subscription charges. Offer valid for new Fitbit Premium users only.

Can I choose which Fitbit Premium features I pay for?

Your Fitbit Premium subscription includes programs, insights, additional sleep score details, and Fitbit Coach, which together provide comprehensive data and customized tips to help you reach your goals. Premium features aren’t available for individual purchase.

How do I start a Fitbit Premium program?

  1. Tap the Discover tab User-added image > Guided Programs.
  2. Choose the guided program you want. 
  3. Read the overview, and tap Get Started to begin the program.
  4. Follow the instructions to enter your information and set goals.
  5. Read the summary of your program plan.
  6. Tap Start to read helpful tips and see your progress for the day.

How do I see my progress in a Fitbit Premium program?

  1. Tap the Today tab  > your program tile. Your progress for today appears.
  2. Tap a day of the week at the top to see your progress for previous days of the program, or to see a preview of upcoming daily goals.

How do I leave a Fitbit Premium program?

  1. Tap the Today tab  > your program tile.
  2. Tap the 3 dots at the top > Quit Program.
  3. Tap Yes to confirm.
Note that Fitbit Premium programs automatically end if you're inactive for 10 days.

What are Fitbit Premium insights?

Fitbit Premium insights use your health and fitness data to provide customized tips and observations to help you reach your goals. The insights you receive with your Fitbit Premium subscription are more personalized than standard insights in the Fitbit app. 

Tap the Today tab  to see your insights. Note that you may not receive a new insight every day. For more information, see What’s the new Fitbit app experience?
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How do I start a Fitbit Premium workout?

Choose from a variety of guided workouts for all fitness levels in the Fitbit app. 

  1. From the Fitbit app, tap the Discover tab User-added image > Workouts.
  2. Tap an exercise to read the description.
  3. Tap Watch Video to start. When you’re done you’ll see an option to log the workout in the Fitbit app.

With your Fitbit Premium subscription you have access to content from popular fitness providers, including Fitbit Coach.

For more information about Fitbit Coach, such as how to follow guided exercises from your Fitbit watch, see About Fitbit Coach.

How do I participate in Fitbit Premium challenges?

Work together or compete with friends and family in customizable Fitbit challenges:
  1. From the Fitbit app, tap the Discover tab User-added image > Challenges & Adventures.
  2. Under Premium Challenges at the top, choose a challenge.
  3. Read the description, then tap Get Started.
  4. Follow the prompts to customize your challenge and invite participants.
  5. Tap Let’s Go to start the challenge.
To quit a challenge:
  1. From the Today tab , tap the challenge tile.
  2. Tap the 3 dots at the top > Quit This Game > Quit Game.
Note that Fitbit Premium users can invite friends without Fitbit Premium to compete in a Custom Challenge. Only Fitbit Premium users can create a Custom Challenge.

What's the difference between free and Fitbit Premium sleep information?

 Premium subscriptionFree in the Fitbit app
Sleep schedule
Quality: Deep & REM sleep stages
Analysis of sleep stages
Duration: Time asleep and awake
Analysis of sleep duration 
Restoration: Sleeping heart rate & restlessness 
Analysis of sleeping heart rate & restlessness 

For more information, see What's sleep score in the Fitbit app?

How do I manage or cancel my Fitbit Premium subscription?

If you purchased your Fitbit Premium subscription through the Fitbit app, cancel your subscription through your phone’s app store. For instructions, visit the Apple support page or Google Play support page.

If you purchased a 1-year Fitbit Premium subscription through, your subscription doesn’t automatically renew at the end of the year.

 For information on refunds, see our Return Policy and Warranty or contact Customer Support.

How do I get the new Fitbit Premium experience?

Fitbit Premium is available for purchase in certain regions, with more languages and regions coming soon. For more information, visit

Make sure the Fitbit app is up-to-date to start your subscription.

What should I know about my Fitbit Premium Wellness Report?

Your Fitbit Premium Wellness Report details your activity, sleep, heart rate, and weight data up to the last 12 months. Export your Wellness Report from the Fitbit app to see your data or share it with a healthcare professional. 

  1. From the Fitbit app, tap the Discover tab User-added image > Health & Fitness Stats > Wellness Report.
  2. Read the description, then tap Preview Report Request My Report. When your report is ready, you’ll see a notification in the Fitbit app. Your report may take a few minutes to appear in your inbox.
  3. From the Today tab , tap the inbox icon User-added image.
  4. Tap the Personal Health Report notification, which stays in your inbox for up to 30 days.
  5. Tap View Report to open the report on your phone, or tap Share to send the report to yourself or a healthcare professional. 
Note the following:
  • You must have at least 30 days of data to generate a Wellness Report.
  • Certain data requires a heart-rate enabled device to track.
  • Only data you track or log appears in the Wellness Report. For example, you must log your weight in the Fitbit app to see weight data in your report.
  • The Wellness Report feature of Fitbit Premium is available in English only in certain regions, with more regions coming soon.
If you have trouble with Fitbit Premium, see the Customer support page and tap Fitbit Premium.
English only. Content and features subject to change.

Last updated: February 3, 2020
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