Which Android devices have known issues with the Fitbit app?

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The Fitbit app for Android is supported by over 150 Android devices. For the latest list, see

If you are running OS 6.0 (Marshmallow), please note that Google has changed the permissions required for Bluetooth syncing. You must turn on location services to sync your tracker (Settings > Location). For more information about the latest Google permission requirements, see Google's Android 6.0 Changes document.
The following supported devices have known issues with the Fitbit app for Android.
DevicesOSKnown Issues
Motorola and Nexus devicesAndroid 4.3+Using all-day sync may cause rapid battery drain in your tracker and mobile device. All-day sync is disabled by default and we recommend leaving it disabled. Nexus devices may need to be restarted after installing a new version of the Fitbit app for Android.
Motorola Moto XN/AIf you use call and text notifications, this device may frequently lose its ability to send encrypted notifications and you'll receive a prompt to retry encryption verification.
Droid Razr M, Razr HD, and Razr Maxx HD, Samsung S3 MiniAndroid 4.1.2 and 4.2.2These devices may have instabilities with their Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) implementation. To restore BLE functionality you may need to turn Bluetooth off and on, reboot the handset, or restart your tracker.
Devices running Android LollipopAndroid Lollipop 5.0.0 or higherYou may be unable to use call and text notifications or sync your tracker.
Samsung S3 Mini VE ("Value Edition"), GT-I8200N/AThis model uses Bluetooth 3.0, which is not compatible for syncing with a tracker. Fitbit customers with this model should sync using a computer.
Samsung S4N/AThis device does not allow you to send logs from the Fitbit app to Fitbit Customer Support.
HTC One M7 M8, M95.0+You may be unable to use call and text notifications and will not be able to send encrypted notifications.
If you have a Charge, you won't be able to sync after completing a firmware update. To sync your Charge, set up your Charge and update the firmware using a computer.
VariousAny non-custom OSSyncing options may be missing. If this is the case, in the app tap menu > Help > Fitbit app > Contact support and mention in the body of the email that you don't see syncing options on your supported device.
Various4.2.2 or earlierMay require a factory reset of your tracker. For more information, contact Customer Support.



Last updated: November 5, 2015
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