How accurate is my Aria?

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The Fitbit Aria scale will measure your weight and body fat percentage and should be accurate to within two pounds. To ensure optimal accuracy in your scale's readings, please consider the following:

  • If your Aria is picked up and moved between measurements, or stored sideways against a wall when not in use, the scale will calibrate the next time it is used for weighing. Up to two consecutive weigh-ins will then be required before your scale is recalibrated and again displays consistently accurate measurements.
  • Make sure that your scale is placed on a hard surface during use. Carpet, linoleum, or any other flooring with resilience may affect the accuracy of the Aria's readings.
  • Your weight and body fat percentage will naturally vary over the course of a day and are dependant on what you eat and drink as well as your level of exercise and perspiration.
  • The Aria provides a unique measure at each weighing, unlike scales which may force consistency over accuracy to alleviate fluctuation.
  • There are many different methods of determining body fat percentage, none of which is 100% accurate. Because this measurement can be subjective, the Aria's body fat reading may not match other scales or the results of manual methods such as calipers.
  • The Aria measures your body fat percentage by using a body impedance method. To get a sense of what body fat percentage is healthy for you, it can be helpful to look at standard body fat ranges for your age and gender. The following website can serve as a helpful guide for determining what a healthy body fat is for you:

If you have concerns about your scale's accuracy, please weigh yourself at least five consecutive times. By the fifth weigh-in, you should see accurate measurements consistent within one pound. If this is not the case, please do not delete any of the weights from your dashboard, and contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Last updated: September 18, 2014
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