How do I get data from my tracker to my computer?

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Once you've set up and started using your new tracker, you'll want to regularly "sync" (transfer) its data to your dashboard on a computer or one of the Fitbit apps. Syncing your data ensures that you can see all your activity history, earn badges, analyze your sleep logs, and much more. This article answers common questions about syncing your tracker with a computer.

If your device is not syncing properly, see the I'm having trouble syncing my tracker to my dashboard article for troubleshooting assistance.

When will my tracker sync with my dashboard?

Your Fitbit tracker will automatically sync through your computer every 15 minutes or so if the following requirements are met:
  • There is new data to upload
  • Your computer is powered on, awake, and connected to the Internet
  • Your plugged in base station (for Ultra) or wireless sync dongle (for all other trackers) is inserted into a working USB port
  • Fitbit Connect is installed and running
  • Your tracker is within 15-20 feet of your computer

To see when the most recent sync occurred, click the gear icon at the top-right of the dashboard.

If you sync your tracker with your computer and also with a mobile device that uses Bluetooth (such as an iOS device running the Fitbit app for iOS), your tracker will not sync with your computer unless you move the mobile device out of range or disable Bluetooth.

When will my tracker sync with the Fitbit app for Windows 10?

If you're using the Fitbit app for Windows 10 on your computer, your tracker syncs each time you open the app and whenever you manually sync. If your computer is Bluetooth enabled, the Fitbit app for Windows 10 does not require Fitbit Connect or a wireless sync dongle.

Do I need to sync my tracker every day?

A daily sync is recommended but not required. All Fitbit trackers can record detailed minute-by-minute data for 7 days, so if you're able to sync weekly your complete minute-by-minute-data will be available. For trackers that monitor heart rate, heart rate data is stored at one-second intervals during run or exercise tracking and at five-second intervals at all other times. Daily totals are stored for 30 days, so if you're only able to sync monthly you can see your daily totals on your dashboard.

The Fitbit Surge™ can store a maximum of 35 hours of GPS data. If you try to track more than 35 hours’ worth of GPS data without syncing, older data will be deleted to make room for new data. To ensure that all your GPS data is saved on, sync your Surge regularly.

Can I sync my tracker on more than one computer?

You can sync your tracker through any computer that meets syncing requirements. In most cases this means Fitbit Connect is installed and a wireless sync dongle is plugged in. Bluetooth-enabled Windows 10 computers running the Fitbit app for Windows 10 do not need Fitbit Connect or the dongle.

Can I sync multiple Fitbit trackers to one account?

If you like to use more than one Fitbit tracker you can add them all to your account, though different people should not share an account. For more information see Can I use more than one Fitbit tracker with the same account?

How do I force my tracker to sync?

To force your tracker to sync on a computer with Fitbit Connect:

  1. Bring your charged tracker near to the plugged-in dongle or base station. You may need to press its button or tap it to wake it up.
  2. Click the Fitbit Connect icon located near the date and time on your computer.
  3. Click Open Main Menu and then Sync Now. You may be asked to sign in, after which your tracker should sync with your account.
Last updated: August 13, 2015
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