How do I set up a replacement tracker?

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Now that you've received your replacement tracker, you'll need to follow a simple process to link it to your existing account. This process will replace the device that's currently linked to your account, but will maintain all of your historical data. To set up your replacement tracker using a computer:

  1. Open your replacement package and insert your tracker into the charger to ensure it has power. If you have a Zip, insert the battery.
  2. Go to to download the latest version of Fitbit Connect for your tracker. 
  3. Open Fitbit Connect.
  4. Click Set Up a New Fitbit Device.
  5. Click Existing User.
  6. Enter your account email address and password, then click Log In.
  7. Click Yes when prompted to replace your existing tracker.
  8. Confirm your personal details.
  9. Choose your product.
  10. Follow the prompts to set up your replacement tracker.
To set up your replacement device using a Fitbit app, see:  



Last updated: August 11, 2015
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