How do I set up a replacement tracker?

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Now that you've received your replacement tracker, you'll need to follow a simple process to replace the tracker already linked to your Fitbit account while maintaining all of your historical data. If you're using a Fitbit app, follow the replacement instructions in How do I set up my tracker?

To set up your replacement on a Mac or PC running Fitbit Connect:
  1. Charge your new tracker to ensure it has power, and make sure a wireless sync dongle is inserted into a USB port on your computer.
  2. If you used the same computer with your previous Fitbit, you should see the Fitbit Connect icon located near the date and time. (If not, go to and click the download button at the bottom of the page to install Fitbit Connect.). Fitbit Connect is the software that allows your tracker to sync its data with your computer.
  3. Click the Fitbit Connect icon.
  4. Click Open Main Menu...
  5. Click Set Up a New Fitbit Device.
  6. Click Existing User.
  7. Enter your account email address and password, then click Log In.
  8. Click Yes when prompted to replace your existing tracker and follow the remaining onscreen instructions. You're ready to get moving.



Last updated: December 2, 2015
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