How do I set up my Flex on a computer?

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Complete the following steps to set up Flex using a computer.

  1. Download and install Fitbit Connect, the software application that connects your Flex tracker to your dashboard.
    Once Fitbit Connect is installed on your computer, you can pair your Flex to your account. This will sync your data, allow you to manage device settings, and set goals.
  2. Click (or right-click on a PC) the Fitbit Connect icon, located near the time and date on your computer, and choose Open Main Menu.
  3. From the Main Menu, select Set Up a New Fitbit Device.
  4. Account Setup:
    Select New to Fitbit if you don’t already have a account.
    Select Existing User to log into your existing account.
    Only one Fitbit tracker can be paired to an account. If you currently have another Fitbit tracker paired to your account and want to continue using it, choose Don’t Replace to continue setup using a different email address. Choose Replace Tracker to remove your other tracker from the account, and replace it with your Flex.
  5. Enter or confirm your personal information and then click Next. This information personalizes your Fitbit experience and improves the accuracy of your calorie burn and distance data. This personal information is, by default, only visible to your friends, but you can adjust your privacy settings on the Fitbit website to control what information is shared with others.
  6. Choose Flex as the device you’re setting up.
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to remove the Flex tracker from the wristband, charge the tracker, and reinsert the tracker into your preferred wristband.
  8. Once you’ve inserted the Wireless Sync Dongle, click Next to start pairing your Flex to Fitbit.
  9. Fitbit Connect will search for your Flex. Once found, the lights on your tracker will begin to blink. 
    Tap the window of your Flex two times with your finger until it vibrates. 
  10. Once Fitbit Connect shows that linking is complete, click Next.
  11. You’re all set. Click Go to Dashboard to track your activity and configure your account settings.

    ​If you experience trouble setting up your Flex, contact customer support.
Last updated: August 15, 2014
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