How do I use the One to monitor my sleep?

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Wear your Fitbit One at night to measure how long and well you sleep. For common questions about sleep tracking, see our Sleep tracking FAQs article.

  1. Place the tracker into the slot on your wristband and wrap the wristband around your non-dominant wrist.

  2. Once you are in bed and ready to fall asleep, press and hold the tracker’s button for 2+ seconds. You will see a stopwatch and the other icons blink, indicating that you are in sleep mode.

  3. When you wake up, press and hold the button for 2+ seconds to stop the sleep  recording. Your tracker’s icons will stop blinking to indicate you’ve exited sleep  mode.

  4. Once you exit sleep mode, your Fitbit One will resume displaying your daily totals.

  5. Sleep records will show up on your Fitbit Dashboard the next time you sync your tracker. Last night's sleep will appear on today's page. Graphs on your Dashboard will reveal how long you slept and the number of times you woke up. Over time, you can apply what you learn to help you sleep more soundly.

If you forgot to press the button on your tracker, but were wearing it while you slept, you can enter the times manually on the Sleep page and your data will still appear once you sync your tracker.

Last updated: August 15, 2014
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