I lost my Fitbit tracker

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If you can't find your Fitbit tracker, please contact Customer Support for assistance. Note that many of our customers who lost trackers in familiar surroundings such as the home or workplace were able to find their trackers by trying these tips:
  • Check your dashboard to see the last time your tracker synced. If it synced recently, that means it is within 15-20 feet of a computer with the Fitbit Connect software installed and a dongle plugged in. 
  • Look near your laundry if you use a clip-on tracker. Many customers find that these trackers wind up in the dirty clothes pile.
  • If your Fitbit tracker is connected with a mobile device, take that device to the area where your tracker may have been lost and watch for a sync. (To initiate a sync, tap your tracker name at the top of the mobile dashboard and then tap Sync Now.) If a sync happens, you know the tracker is nearby.
  • Try using a Bluetooth locator app. For iOS you can try LightBlue - Bluetooth Low Energy. For Android you can try Bluetooth Finder.
If you received the tracker through your employer, contact our Corporate Wellness team for assistance.
Last updated: January 21, 2016
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