I'm having trouble syncing my tracker to my dashboard

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Your Fitbit tracker will automatically sync through your computer approximately every 15 minutes if the following requirements are met:

  • There is new data to upload
  • Your computer is powered on, awake, and connected to the Internet
  • Your wireless sync dongle is inserted into a USB port and recognized by the computer
  • Fitbit Connect is installed and running
  • Your tracker is within 15-20 feet of your computer

If you aren't seeing your tracker's data on your dashboard, please try the following steps.

If you tried to sync your tracker to your dashboard and received a "not working" error, see Why am I seeing a "Not working" error when I try to sync using Fitbit Connect?

1.  Verify that your tracker is paired with your Fitbit account.

Log into your account and click the gear icon in the top right corner. You should see an icon representing your tracker in the drop-down menu.

If you don't see an icon in this menu, no tracker paired with the account. In that case, follow the instructions in How do I set up my Fitbit tracker on a computer? for help pairing your tracker with the account.

2. Confirm that the Fitbit Connect application recognizes your wireless sync dongle.

Make sure that your wireless sync dongle (pictured below) is plugged into the computer's USB port.

USB Wireless Sync Dongle
  1. On a PC: Right click the Fitbit Connect icon in the system tray. You should see "USB Dongle Connected" displayed in the pop-up menu. This message will be in gray text.
  2. On a Mac: Click the Fitbit Connect icon in the menu bar. You should see "USB Dongle Connected" in the drop-down menu.
  3. You can also open the Main Menu of Fitbit Connect and look to the top of this window. If you see the message "USB Dongle Disconnected" in this window or in your menu, your dongle is improperly inserted or is not being recognized. In this case, insert your dongle into a different USB port on your computer, ensuring that it is placed directly into the computer and not into an accessory or USB hub.

3. Force (manually) sync your tracker.

  1. Bring your tracker near to the plugged-in dongle, and make sure that it has power by tapping its display (Flex or Zip) or pressing its button (all other trackers).
  2. Open the Main Menu of Fitbit Connect and click Sync Now.
  3. You may be asked to sign in, after which your tracker should sync with your account.

4. Restart your tracker.

If you're still unable to sync, restart your tracker and try syncing again. See How do I restart my tracker? for instructions.

5. Reinstall Fitbit Connect.

If you are still having trouble syncing your tracker you may need to reinstall the Fitbit Connect software. See How do I reinstall Fitbit Connect? for instructions.

If you're still unable to sync your device after troubleshooting, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

6. If applicable, consult additional help articles.

Last updated: October 27, 2014
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