My tracker is not syncing with the Fitbit app for Android

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If your tracker is not syncing with the Fitbit app for your Android device, verify the following requirements and try the troubleshooting steps. If you're unable to sync after troubleshooting, please contact Customer Support.


First, verify the following:
  1. You're attempting to sync with a supported device. To see the latest list of supported devices, please go to
  2. Your Android software is updated to the latest version. Check for software updates by tapping Settings > About Phone or About Device > Android Version.
  3. Bluetooth is enabled in Android settings and the Fitbit app. To check Bluetooth connectivity in the Fitbit app, click your menu button and choose Device Settings
  4. Your Android device is not managing multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time. For more information, see The Fitbit app for Android is interfering with my other Bluetooth devices.
  5. An existing sync is not already in progress. You can see if your tracker is already syncing with your Android device—which may take up to 30 seconds—on the Fitbit app dashboard. You can see the last time the tracker synced and whether a sync is in progress. 
  6. Your Android device is not in Power Savings Mode. This mode frequently causes the device to disable Bluetooth in order to save power.


If your tracker is still not syncing to a supported Android device, complete the following steps:

  1. If your tracker syncs with one Android device but not a second device or your computer, see Why is my tracker only syncing with one mobile device?
  2. Turn off Bluetooth and then turn it back on.
  3. Force stop the Fitbit app. Once the Fitbit app is closed, open it again to begin syncing.
  4. Reboot your Android device and then reopen the Fitbit app.
  5. Restart your tracker. For instructions, see How do I restart my tracker?
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app.
  7. If you're still having trouble, please contact Customer Support.
Last updated: July 16, 2015
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