My tracker's battery isn't charging

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Many factors can contribute to your tracker's battery not charging, including:

  • Dirty charging contacts
  • Faulty charging sources (e.g. USB port or plug)
  • A defective Fitbit charging cable
  • A defective tracker not accepting a charge

Try the steps below to help determine the source of the charging issue. For more information about your tracker's battery see How do I maximize my tracker's battery life?

Clean your tracker charging contacts

See the following articles as applicable:

Note that we do not recommend cleaning the battery contacts on a Fitbit Zip™.

Try a different USB port

Your charger may not be getting enough power from the USB port it is plugged into or the USB port may be defective.

Use our best practices for charging your tracker

We recommend charging your tracker with your computer's USB port or other low-power device. It's also possible to use a UL-certified wall charger. We don't recommend USB hubs because they don't provide a consistent power for charging. Similarly, do not use battery packs. If you lost the charger that came with your tracker, purchase another on

Restart your tracker

Your tracker may be in a frozen or unresponsive state. Restart your tracker using the instructions in How do I restart my tracker?

If you've tried these steps and your tracker is still not charging, contact Customer Support.

Last updated: December 13, 2015
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