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In May of 2013 we launched our new dashboard. If you created your Fitbit account since that time, you already have the new dashboard. If you were a Fitbit customer prior to that time, you have the option of choosing between your original dashboard and the new one.

We designed the new dashboard to:
  • Help you organize the information you care about.
  • Give an at-a-glance view of today's goal progress while also showing recent history.
  • Make room for new visualizations and metrics coming down the pipeline.

For more information see Using dashboard tiles.


When the beta launched, we opened a dedicated forum for you to post feedback about the dashboard. Thousands of comments, questions, and bugs later we have a lot of great input to consider. We're not able to respond to all of the comments but we're reading and noting your thoughts. For those of you who have also completed surveys, thank you!


After digesting the forum and survey feedback we regrouped to identify your major concerns. We want to address these before shutting down the old dashboard. Our research team interviewed a diverse group of customers and gave us recommendations on how to address the missing elements.

Coming up

In addition to fixing bugs we have a couple of new features planned for the new dashboard. We heard from many customers that a weekly view was key to helping track and understand progress. On the new dashboard we'll offer a new tile that shows activity and calorie stats for the week. We're also planning more focused tiles for those of you who track weight and sleep.

Last updated: October 6, 2014
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