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About sleep tracking

Last updated: Dec 16, 2013 01:26PM

You can use your Fitbit tracker to see how many hours you sleep and better understand the quality of your sleep. This article answers common questions about sleep tracking. Click here to learn how to put your tracker in sleep mode.

What is the difference between the normal and sensitive sleep setting?

Your Fitbit tracker's settings can record your sleep in either "sensitive" mode for extremely detailed sleep reporting or "normal" mode for a more basic idea of your sleep patterns. Adjust your sleep mode in device settings.

  • The normal setting counts significant movements such as rolling over as being awake, and is appropriate for most users.
  • The sensitive setting will cause your tracker to record nearly all movements as time spent awake. This setting may be helpful for users with sleep disorders, or those who wear their tracker somewhere other than the wrist while asleep

If your Fitbit tracker is worn consistently each night with the same setting, the data that it produces should be useful.

What do the different sleep states mean?

  • During sleep mode, when your body is completely at rest and unmoving, your Fitbit tracker records that you are asleep.
  • A restless state of sleep indicates that your body transitioned from a very restful position with little movement to movement, such as turning over in bed. This doesn't necessarily mean that you were fully awake or cognizant of your movements, but it may indicate that you were not getting the most restful sleep possible at that time.
  • When your tracker indicates that you are moving so much that restful sleep would not be possible, your sleep graph will indicate that you were awake.

How is sleep efficiency calculated?

We use the following equation to calculate your sleep efficiency: time asleep / (total time in bed - time to fall asleep)

Once you start sleep tracking, the time it takes for you to actually fall asleep will not be incorporated into this calculation. The resulting data accounts for the entire time you fall asleep divided by your total time in bed. If you don't move all night it is possible to get 100% sleep efficiency even if it takes you 10 minutes to fall asleep.

I wore my tracker to bed, but forgot to activate Sleep Mode

As long as you were wearing your tracker while sleeping, your sleep data is not lost. You can manually log your sleep using the following steps:

  1. Sign into your Fitbit Dashboard.
  2. Click Log Activity, then select the Sleep tab.
  3. Enter the date and time you went to bed. Use the previous day drop-down option if you went to bed before midnight and the same day option if you went to bed after midnight.
  4. You also have the option to choose 12 hr if you want to enter your time in AM/PM format, or 24 hr if you prefer Military Time.
  5. Click Log Sleep to create the sleep log.
Once you sync your tracker, your sleep information will be visible on your Dashboard just as though you had activated Sleep Mode.

Why should I place the Fitbit One or Ultra on my wrist instead of my torso during sleep?

Wearing your Fitbit One or Ultra on the wrist of your non-dominant hand captures your fullest range of motion and gives a more complete portrait of your sleep movement. While your torso may move during sleep, it is usually to a lesser degree and is more difficult to track than the movements of your hand.

If you find that the tracker falls out of your wristband during sleep, we recommend inserting it all the way into the Sleep Wristband pocket and then turn it sideways to secure it.

I don't think I was awake when my sleep graph says I was

Tossing and turning during sleep can occur during an unconscious state; however, it does not indicate total rest. If you feel that the reported number of times awakened is excessively high, please go to your Device Settings to see if your sleep tracking mode is set to sensitive. A normal setting may be more appropriate if you are looking for a more general overview of your sleep patterns.

Can I log a nap?

Yes, simply put your tracker into sleep mode as you normally would. Later when you sync your tracker, your nap will appear on your sleep log.
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