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How do I log or record an activity?

Last updated: Oct 30, 2013 04:24PM

There are two ways to account for an activity in your Fitbit account:

  • Manually log the activity using the Activities page on your dashboard.
  • Create an activity record by holding down the button on your tracker.

Manually Logging an Activity

Manually logging an activity works well for those activities where step count isn't the best indicator of the calories burned. If you are doing an activity that does not require steps (like cycling, swimming, or an elliptical machine), or an activity that requires more than just steps (like tennis or yoga), you can use an activity log to improve the accuracy of this activity's contribution to your caloric burn.

All steps and calories recorded by your tracker are overridden for the duration of a manually logged activity by the activity's entered values. This ensures that your steps are not counted twice as long as the manually logged activity has the correct start time and duration.

You can also use manual logging to add a walk or run if you leave your tracker at home.

To create a manual activity record:

  1. Go to the Activities page by clicking Log at the top of your Dashboard, then Activities.
  2. Under Log Activities, click a common activity or search for your activity in the search box.
  3. Select your activity from the search results. If the activity is not in our system, you have the option to create your own activity by clicking the Create custom activity text that will appear below the search field.
  4. Enter the duration, distance (if applicable), and start time of your activity. You have the option to manually enter the number of calories burned here if you'd like to.
  5. Click Log Activity. Your activity will now be visible and editable in the Logged Activities area.

Creating an Activity Record

An activity record uses the timer on your Fitbit Force, One, or Ultra and allows you to track a specific activity in greater detail. For example, if you put your tracker in activity mode and go for a run or bike ride, once you sync your data afterwards you’ll see an entry on your activity log. The entry provides a summary of the activity's stats as well as a minute-by-minute graph.

To create an activity record from your tracker:

  1. Start the activity record by holding the button down until you see the timer start.
  2. While your tracker is recording an activity, its icons will blink continuously, and you will see a stopwatch counting the duration of the record.
  3. Stop the activity record by holding down the button until you see the timer stop.
  4. After syncing your Fitbit, go to the Activities page and you'll see an entry under Activity Records.
  5. Name the activity by editing the record. You can also delete and mark activities that you frequently perform as favorites.

Editing or Deleting an Activity

To edit or delete an activity:

  1. Go to the Activities page.
  2. Hover your mouse over the activity you'd like to edit or delete. You will see three icons appear on the right side of the activity.
  3. To edit the activity: click the pencil icon and edit the duration, distance, and/or start time, then click Update.
  4. To delete the activity click the trash can icon.

Saving an Activity as a Favorite

To save an activity record as a favorite, allowing you to quickly add it in the future:

  1. Go to the Activities page.
  2. Hover your mouse over the activity you'd like to mark as a favorite. You will see three icons appear on the right side of the activity.
  3. To add the activity to your favorites, click the star icon. You will see it appear under Favorites on the bottom-right of the page.
  4. To remove the activity from your favorites, hover your mouse over the entry and click the trash can icon.
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