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How do I get data from my tracker to the website?

Last updated: Dec 19, 2013 02:31PM

Once it is paired to your account, your tracker should automatically sync when it is range of a wireless USB sync dongle inserted into a computer running the Fitbit Connect software, or when it is in range of a compatible mobile device that has been paired to the tracker.

If your device is not syncing properly, consult this article for troubleshooting assistance.

This article covers some of the more common questions surrounding tracker syncing.

When will my tracker sync with my account?

  • Fitbit trackers will sync to your Fitbit account every 15 minutes, as long as they are within 15 to 20 feet of a computer with a plugged in base station (for Classic and Ultra trackers) or a wireless sync dongle (for Force, Flex, Zip, and One trackers).
  • Your tracker will only sync if it contains new data since its prior sync. If you are sitting still or not wearing your tracker, a sync will not occur.
  • You can view the time of your most recent sync by clicking on the gear icon at the top-right of the Dashboard. This will show a menu that includes an icon representing your tracker type and an indication of its most recent sync.

Do I need to sync my tracker every day?

  • A daily sync is recommended, but not required.
  • All Fitbit trackers can record detailed minute-by-minute steps, calorie burn data, and sleep records for at least 7 days between sync opportunities. Beyond that, daily totals for step data, calorie counts, and sleep records will be stored for 30 days. This data will all upload to your account as soon as you are able to sync and will then be reflected on your Dashboard.
  • So long as you are able to sync weekly, your complete minute-by-minute data will be kept. If you are able to sync at least once a month, your daily totals will be intact.

Can I sync my device through multiple computers?

  • You can sync your tracker through any computer, as long as it has the Fitbit software installed and a wireless sync dongle inserted (for Force, Flex, Zip, and One) or a base station plugged into the computer (for Ultra).
  • Trackers are not associated directly with a single computer or wireless sync dongle and can sync to the owner's account through any computer which meets these requirements. Additional wireless sync dongles can be purchased at

Can I sync multiple Fitbit devices through one computer?

  • Any number of Fitbit trackers can sync through a single computer, as long as it has the Fitbit software installed and a wireless sync dongle inserted (for Force, Flex, Zip, and One) or a base station plugged into the computer (for Ultra).
  • Each tracker must be paired to its own unique account.

How do I force my tracker to sync?

Your tracker should sync to your dashboard automatically whenever it is in range of a computer running Fitbit Connect with a wireless sync dongle plugged in. However, you can force your tracker to sync by using the following steps:

  • Bring your tracker near to the plugged-in dongle, and make sure that it has power by pressing its button (Force, One, or Ultra) or tapping its display (Flex or Zip).
  • Open the Main Menu of Fitbit Connect and click Sync Now.
    You may be asked to sign in, after which your tracker should sync with your account.

Can I sync my tracker using both a computer and a mobile device?

  • You may sync your tracker using only a computer, only a mobile device, or both.
  • Your tracker will only sync through a mobile device if you are currently logged into your account in the Fitbit App on that device.

For more information about syncing to a mobile device, consult the following articles:

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