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How do Fitbit trackers sync with Android devices?

Last updated: Apr 08, 2014 10:16AM

The Fitbit app uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to sync with Fitbit trackers, utilizing the Bluetooth Low Energy feature. Data stored in your tracker is then loaded from the Fitbit app to your Dashboard via your device's internet connection. 

Your tracker should initiate a sync when you open the Fitbit app on your Android device.

You must have Bluetooth enabled on your device and also within the Fitbit app in order to sync your tracker with the Fitbit app. If your device is in airplane mode, it will not be able to sync with your tracker until Airplane Mode has been disabled, or until you manually turn Bluetooth on in your Android device settings.

Device Compatibility

The Fitbit app supports syncing with select Android devices. To see the latest list of supported devices, please go to

If your device isn't listed, you can check the above link at a later date to see if device support has been added.

Force Sync

If you want to get the latest tracking information from your Fitbit tracker synced to your device, you can choose to force sync by tapping the Sync button on the top-right corner of the Dashboard, or syncing the tracker via the Devices screen.

  1. Tap the menu button
  2. Tap Device Settings
  3. Choose your device
  4. Tap Sync Now
    Force Sync progress will be displayed in the Last Sync section of the Devices screen. 

Background Sync

If you enable background sync in the Fitbit app's Devices screen, your tracker will sync automatically with your Android device, even when the Fitbit app is in the background. The Fitbit app will still need to download the latest data from when you open the app, so you may see a sync occur.

Background sync may have an impact on battery life on both your Android device and your tracker. If you notice your battery draining quickly on either device, you may want to disable background sync.

Real-time Sync

You can track your steps, calories, and distance in real time with this feature. Open the Fitbit app and keep it open. The app will notify you that it's connected to your tracker at the top of the screen. Once you see this notification, verify that real-time tracking is enabled by taking a few steps and noting the step counter. 

Real-time sync is currently supported on Fitbit Force, One, and Flex. Version updates may include support for this feature for other Fitbit trackers at a later date. 
Note: Real-time sync requires that you keep your iOS device's screen on, and the Fitbit app in focus at all times. If you close the Fitbit app or put your device to sleep, you'll need to open the app again to track real-time stats.

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