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Android device compatibility

Last updated: Apr 14, 2014 02:33PM

Sync Requirements

Several Android devices are supported at this time. Supported Android devices have:
  1. A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio, present in some devices as part of Bluetooth 4.0.
  2. A working BLE API that allows third-party app code to access BLE. This is present in some Android 4.3+ devices.

Currently Supported Devices

  • HTC One, Max, Mini, M8 (OS v4.3+ only)
  • LG G2, G Pro2, G Flex, Vu3.0
  • Motorola Moto G, Moto X
  • Motorola Droid RAZR M, RAZR HD, RAZR Maxx HD (OS v4.1.2 with Nov 2013 firmware update)
  • Motorola Droid Ultra, Maxx, Mini (OS v4.4+ only)
  • LGE Nexus 4, 5, 7 (2013)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini, S4 Active, S5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Note 10.1
  • Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z1 Compact  (OS v4.3+ only)
  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Ultra, ZR, ZL (OS v4.3+ only)
  • Sony Xperia SP, T, TX, V (OS v4.3+ only)

Please confirm that your Android device meets these requirements with your phone carrier or device manufacturer. If you're planning to purchase a device specifically for use with the Fitbit app, please refer to the table below to learn which devices have known compatibility issues.
If you have a supported device that doesn't have a custom OS and you don't see any syncing options, please send an email to Customer Support via the Android app by tapping Menu > Help > Fitbit App > Contact Support.  Sending an email through the app will give us the information we need to enable syncing on your device.  Make sure to include the line "Don't see sync options" within the email, and include any additional information you would like us to know.

Supported Devices with Known Issues

Devices OS Known Issues
Motorola and Nexus devices Android 4.3+ Using all-day sync may cause rapid battery drain in your tracker and mobile device. All-day sync is disabled by default and Fitbit recommends leaving it disabled.

For troubleshooting tips, see My tracker is not syncing with the Fitbit app for Android.

Android Syncing FAQs

Will my Android device sync with my Fitbit tracker?

Fitbit syncing happens over "Bluetooth Low Energy," which is an optional (non-required) part of Bluetooth 4.0.  Not all phones with Bluetooth 4.0 include Bluetooth Low Energy, but if your phone doesn't support Bluetooth 4.0, it definitely doesn't support Bluetooth Low Energy. 

Bluetooth Low Energy is also referred to as "Bluetooth LE", "BLE", "Bluetooth Smart", or "Bluetooth Smart Ready"; for more information see the wikipedia page.

To support Fitbit tracker syncing, an Android device must have both a BLE radio and software support in the operating system that allows third-party apps to use it.  Some devices have the hardware but not the software.  Other devices have both, but the software support may have bugs that prevent it from working (see below). 

How do I find out if my Android device supports Bluetooth Low Energy?

One way is to check your manufacturer's spec sheet for your device.  However, spec sheets don't always correctly list BLE support (they might omit it, or say a device supports it when in reality the BLE doesn't work correctly.)

Google added an official BLE API to Android OS v4.3.  Below that version, manufacturers had to implement BLE functionality themselves on a custom basis.  Some implementations worked well, such as Samsung, but many others had bugs that prevented them from functioning.

There are some general rules of thumb you can follow to determine if your handset may support BLE:

  • OS below v4.3: Most handsets running an OS version below 4.3 do not support Bluetooth Low Energy
  • OS v4.3 or above: Many handsets running an OS version of 4.3 or higher do support Bluetooth Low Energy

See Currently Supported Devices for a list of handsets that sync over Bluetooth Low Energy.  If your handset is not on this list, it may not support BLE.

I am pretty sure my device supports BLE but it does not work with the Fitbit app, what do I do?

We are continually testing new handsets for Fitbit compatibility, and there is always a chance you have a handset that works that we haven't certified yet. 

If you think your handset supports BLE and would like to find out, please consider joining the Fitbit Beta.  The Beta version of the app may support your phone even if the production version currently does not.   

If you find out that your phone does sync over BLE successfully and is not yet supported in the production app, please post your results in the Beta Forums.  We will work on getting this device supported as quickly as possible in the production app. 

To join the beta program, join the Android Beta Google Group at!forum/fitbit-android-sync-beta 

Download the Beta app by following the instructions as the top of the forum.

I installed the Beta app but my phone still does not sync, what do I do?

First, make sure you are really running the Beta app:

  1. Open the drop-down menu on the main Dashboard screen.
  2. Choose "Help" / "Fitbit app"
The screen should show your Fitbit app version. If you are running the Beta app, you will see a small "Beta" label at the end of the version number. If you don't see the "Beta" label, the Beta app may not have installed correctly. (Sometimes there can be a time lag between when you sign up for the Android Beta Google Group and when the Play store is ready to offer you the Beta build.)  Try deleting the Fitbit app and reinstalling the Beta again after 15 minutes.

If you are running the Beta app and still cannot sync over BLE, then your phone either does not have BLE support or does not implement it correctly.

  • If you don't see any syncing options and/or cannot pair with a tracker: this means the Beta app did not detect the presence of any of the common BLE libraries.  Either your handset doesn't have BLE hardware at all, or else it does not have a BLE library that enables it. 
  • If you see sync and/or pairing options and can initiate a sync or a pairing, but neither completes successfully: this means your phone has BLE hardware and a BLE library, but the implementation may have bugs that prevent it from working correctly. 

See Currently Supported Devices for a list of handsets that sync over Bluetooth Low Energy.  If your handset is not on this list, it may not support BLE.

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