Adjust always-on display

Turn on always-on display to show the time on your tracker, even when you're not interacting with the screen.

To turn always-on display on or off:

  1. Swipe down from the clock face to access quick settings.
  2. Tap the Settings app thenDisplay settingsthenAlways-on display.
  3. Tap Always-on display to turn the setting on or off. To set the display to automatically turn off during certain hours, tap Off-hours. Note that if you have a sleep schedule set up in the sleep mode settings, off-hours can’t be adjusted.

Turning on this feature impacts your tracker's battery life. When always-on display is turned on, Luxe requires more frequent charging.

Clock faces without an always-on display mode use a default always-on display clock face.

Always-on display automatically turns off when your tracker's battery is critically low.

For more information, see the related help article.